Weekly Wednesday weigh-in (say that 3 times fast!)

Today marks my 3 week semi Paleo lifestyle.  I started this diet because three Wednesday’s ago, I stepped on the scale and was just…. a whole mixture of emotions.  Since then, I’ve changed my diet and have been exercising 4-5 days a week (usually 3 mile runs and hour-long Zumba sessions).  I’m very happy to report that I’ve lost 9 lbs to date!  The weight loss has been pretty steady – about 3 lbs a week.

When I was about 2 days into this whole change, Bjorn and I had a conversation:

B: How much weight have you lost?

Me: I don’t know.

B: Why not?? Don’t you check everyday?

Me: No, I’m going to check on a weekly basis, so every Wednesday morning.

B:  If you check everyday and you see the weight loss, then it will make you really happy.

Me: No, I disagree.

And here are the reasons why……

  1. There are so many different factors that impact your weight.  Your weight will generally fluctuate 1-2 lbs throughout the day.  I’ve weighed myself in the morning and then again at night to find out that I’m 2 lbs heavier than I was in the morning.  That was really discouraging because I was like WTF?  How did I gain 2 pounds in less than 24 hours?  Then that makes me want to starve myself the next day, which is not healthy.
  2. Do you really expect to shed pounds everyday?  Everyone wishes that you could go to bed and wake up 5  pounds lighter, but it doesn’t work that way.  Change happens over time.  Everyone wants instant gratification, which is possible if you go on a juice cleanse, but ask yourself – how healthy is that and aren’t you going to gain back that weight when you start to eat regular food again?
  3. Weighing yourself on a weekly basis gives you something to look forward to and work towards every week.  If you see results on a weekly basis, then you know that your eating and exercise habits are working!  If you see a poor result from one week to the next, then take the time to focus on what you did differently that week.  Maybe you didn’t go to the gym as often or you attended a lot of events that made you make some poor food decisions.

I was honestly really shocked when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw the number.  I was so shocked that I weighed myself 3 times in 3 different rooms to make sure that the scale was working correctly (I’m not sure why I went into 3 different rooms, but it seemed to be a good idea at the time).  I guess the reason why I’m in disbelief is because in these past 3 weeks, I’ve never been hungry.  The meals that I’ve been cooking have been so simple, flavorful, and most importantly, satisfying.  And if I do get hungry, then I eat.  But I eat things that have the good fats – a handful of almonds, apples with almond butter, smoked salmon.

Aside from making smarter choices when it comes to snacking, I’ve also learned the importance of portion control.  It’s amazing when you learn about the appropriate serving size for an individual.  To put things into perspective, let’s just say that one entrée at The Cheesecake Factory should probably be able to feed three adults.  I’m not kidding.  I’ve started to use the smaller plate (on the right) for all of my meals because it helps me control the amount that I end up consuming.  With my layering technique, I can still pack a really good amount of veggies and protein on the plate.








I guess the main point of this post is a message to those trying to lose weight and make healthier decisions in the kitchen — weigh yourself only on a weekly basis, pay attention to portion size, and….. consider the Paleo diet because you will be so satisfied in the end!


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