Who doesn’t love ice cream?

I went to Trader Joe’s this weekend to stock up on some Paleo (and non Paleo) goodies.  I freakin’ love Trader Joe’s.  I love going to the one in Fairfield – the people who work there are awesome (as they are in every TJ’s I’ve been to), the store is clean, and they recently expanded so the aisles are very wide.  This is super important because every time I go, even though I go on a weekly basis, I feel like a little kid in a candy store.  I’m in awe and need to walk slowly down the aisles to soak in all of the amazing products that they have to offer.

I bought a bunch of new items to cook with and more importantly, new snacks to try.  After a kick ass hot vinyasa yoga class tonight at Fairfield Hot Yoga, I came home, took a long and relaxing shower and treated myself to a scoop of chocolate coconut ice cream. So…. this isn’t truly Paleo because it’s got some weird ingredients (Dextrose monohydrate, guar gum, and carragenan to name a few…) and has sugar, but man, this ice cream was amazing!!!!!  This ice cream is also soy free, dairy free, gluten free, and a vegan product.  I’ve come across many Paleo coconut ice cream recipes out there, but until I get an ice cream maker, this Trader Joe’s treat will give me that quick fix.  This little pint of goodness costs $3.49.


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